This is a portfolio of a few web and graphic projects I’ve created.

Akron Bugle

www.akronbugle.com, click to see a larger image

The Akron Bugle web site is a combination of some graphic work I have done and the creation of an entire Content Management system called PressPointe. The system was designed to mimic the weekly publication of the newspaper and includes a system for restricting access to some stories. This system allowed subscribers to use their mailing label to register for access to restricted content. The content is currently maintained by the Akron Bugle, but the advertisements are also graphic work I did for them. The site can be seen online at www.akronbugle.com


Buffalo Astronomical Association

Buffalo Astronomical Association web site, click to see a larger image

As a member of the Buffalo Astronomical Association I helped get the club web site back on track with a dedicated URL and a new site design. I developed the design and implemented it in the Etomite content management system. I have since turned over the site to another member who had more time to dedicate to keeping it up to date. The current site has been changed from my original design, but a copy of the site as it was during my tenure can be found on the Wayback Machine at http://web.archive.org/web/20060101050120/http://www.buffaloastronomy.com/


Grape Soda Records

Grape Soda Records business card, click to see a larger image

Shown here is a business card concept I did for a online record label I thought about starting 3 years ago. Due to the arrival of my wonderful children this had to take a back seat. This may yet see the light of day in the future.


3 Man CD

This is a sample of the CD art and CD insert cover I created for a local band called 3 Man. In the past I have done many CD graphic layouts for bands. If interested, I have several of the CDs I’ve done available for review.
3 Man CD art, click to see a larger image  3 Man CD art, click to see a larger image



I will continue adding stuff to this page as I dig up some of my past work. I hope you enjoy what you see.

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