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New Year, New Goals

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So here we are, another new year. I still can’t remember to write 2007 on my checks. And I’m still stuck in holiday mode,wanting to stay home instead of going to work. Still, I was thinking that maybe it was time to lay out some new goals for this new year. So here goes:

Move to a New House: we are in the process of buying a new house and will hopefully close in the next couple of weeks, so this goal should be reached soon. It’s going to have a lot of work to go along with it, including getting the current house ready to rent. The new house is almost 2000 sq. ft. of room and 5.5 acres of land. I’m already picturing the mountain bike tournament on that 5.5 acres. And I already know we will have several home improvement projects to get started on.

Get Grape Soda Records Up and Running: I got part way through the setup of this new business venture, but some attorney problems stalled things and then I got caught up in holidays and house buying. Well, this is a really important goal for me to meet, so action items have already been started to make this move again. I’ve had a flury of book buying to learn more about everything, from accounting to music industry stuff. I’m really hoping to get something up and running by march/april 2007, especially since I missed my initial goal of November/December 2006. The largest amount of work is going to be writing the web site to manage sales and licensing of the artists I sign. Plus a lot of reading to learn some new skills required to run a company.

Bike More: I really feel the need to get out biking more this year. Once we’re in the new house maybe I’ll have enough space to setup my trainer and get prepped for the new season. Plus, Shaun can now ride along with me in our niffty kid cart. And, the new house will be just minutes from the Clarence bike trail.

Well, that’s only three for now, but number two on that list will probably take up the majority of my time anyway. Especially since we have another little one due in April, who, along with Shaun, will get the greatest amount of our time. I’ll be happy if I can pull off just these three goals.

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