Monthly Archives: April 2005

This little guy is the Hicup King. They just keep going and going and going……………..

Yes, this blog has officially become the all Shaun network…… I have finally finished uploading some of Shaun’s pictures. They can be found at: Oh yeah, Shaun now has his own official email address – Feel free to drop him a line and tell him how cute he is.

Shaun continues to do well. However, because of his size he is having some problems breast feeding. We have had to spend some time with a lactation consultant and it seems to be helping. For the time being though he will be getting a mix of breast milk and formula. The breast feeding is important … Continue reading

We left the hospital today. Right around rush hour. That was the most nerve wracking drive of my life. Nothing like having lots of traffic zipping in and out around you while you take your newborn home. At least things feel better now that everyone is home.

Shaun continues to do well and keeps getting better and better at the feeding process. I spent several hours holding him today. It is simply the most incredible thing to hold that tiny body and see a little piece of yourself there. He sat there looking at me for at least 10 minutes straight. You … Continue reading

As expected, day one for Shaun was a busy day for the entire family. Lots of visitors, family and friends. We have plenty of ballons to bring home now. I imagine they will float around my ceiling at home for some time, giving Shaun something to watch. I missed a couple of details in my … Continue reading

Mom and I went in for our routine tests, and ended up having the baby. I’ll post more later. For now here’s a picture:

I have discovered podcasting and I am completely addicted. As you can see, I have started adding some of the podcasts I follow to the side navigation/blogroll. If you don’t know what podcasting is read this. But my fascination with podcasting doesn’t stop with listening, I’m thinking about starting my own podcast. It’ll probably be … Continue reading

Where I live, from above:,-78.718629&spn=0.004860,0.007875&t=k&hl=en

Yep, it’s another shameless plug. My company, Algonquin Studios, has launched its brand new site design as of this morning. We also have a new product; be sure to check out the Algonquin-O’s.