March 10, 2005, Author: Timothy Finucane, Leave a comment

IDF & Dungeons & Dragons

Categories: Too Funny to Be True

When I first read this article I was thinking it was some kind of joke, but it’s not. The IDF really does look down on people that play Dungeons & Dragons. They think that every single person who plays the game is “detached from reality.” Well, I’ve never felt detached from reality and I ‘ve played the game many times, especially when I was younger. Hell if you want to see detached from reality just look at the ultra right-wing religious elite here in the United States.

This article was first posted yesterday and it was a laugh to see the pictures used. All of the pictures were of medieval reenactors. Last time I played the game it was around a table with a bunch of friends and lots of popcorn, potato chips, Pepsi, paper, dice, and pencils. NOBODY was dressed up like a knight or a wizard. Matter of fact I probably had a Rush concert t-shirt on.

As of today two of the pictures have been changed to something more appropriate to the game, but still no pics of gamers around a table. Maybe the author of the article is the one who is “detached from reality.”

The fact that the IDF really believes this crap is laughable.

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