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About 7 years ago I had a nice Sony Viao Laptop. This baby was top of the line at the time, with 150MGhz Pentium processor, 16MB RAM and a 2GB hard drive. Good stuff. The laptop used to sit on a TV table at the end of the bed (I was living with my girlfriend … Continue reading

So, you think you have what it takes to be the Apprentice? Think you can dominate the competition? Well, maybe you better take a look at who your up against first. This show brings reality TV to the next level.

The Pope is now being fed through a feeding tube. I’ll give it a few days before the courts order it removed. (Ok, that was just mean)

So now my wife’s right to purchase birth control pills (after the current pregnancy of course) is going to be determined by the Pharmacists’ personal moral beliefs? What the hell is wrong with these people? Will I be be refused condoms next? After all, we’ll need some means to control pregnancy until we are ready … Continue reading

Karlyn and I were driving down the 290 today on our way home from some baby shopping. Not long after getting on the 290 we see a car in front of us, some sort of reddish-brown chevy rust bucket with it’s left blinker light on, moving erratically from one side of its lane to the … Continue reading

Some people really need a life:

The Maximum leader has a piece that I think sums things up nicely: More On Terri Schiavo’s Case.

I’ve kept pretty quiet on this subject for some time, but now that it has hit the national news big time I guess I have to give some opinion. I am referring to the Terri Schiavo case. I see two sides, one with rather evil intentions, and one with wishful thinking. The evil side is … Continue reading

My niffty USB Swiss Army Knife came yesterday!

Got a rather amusing birthday card from my wife. It said: “Birthdays can be torture…… Especially when the present is somewhere in the US postal system and Amazon can’t tell me when it’s coming!!!” Considering the gift, I am feeling tortured……

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