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As if it isn’t embarrassing enough to live and work here in Buffalo, we get this kind of stupid shit happening: City forgets to renew domain name. And of course we had to get Farked because of it.

I woke up mad this morning. Just like several mornings previous. I can’t help it. It’s because I actually care; because I think elected officials should care. Government doesn’t seem to think about the consequences of its actions until the shit finally hits the fan. If your not from the Buffalo, NY area you’re probably … Continue reading

I think this letter of apology by Lieutenant General Chuck Pitman, US Marine Corps, Retired hits the target dead on.

Over the weekend I have been setting up and configuring my new network attached storage. I now have 160GB of fresh space to store all my music files and downloads. A much needed upgrade from the 30GB hard drive that was being used (28 GB were already in use). I can now continue my project … Continue reading

Yes. Yes I do. I would love nothing more than to live a life of 200, 300, or more years. I find life interesting and there are lots of things I might like to try that one lifetime won’t afford me. Apparently so do several other people, and the subject is becoming a hot topic. … Continue reading

Since this post a few people have asked me how I came to know what my personality type was. So here’s the skinny: The personality type I mentioned in the previous post is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® , which is based on Carl Jung’s notion of psychological types. Basically you take a test … Continue reading

Here’s a quick public service announcement from Novell:

So yesterday I was stumbling through some other blogs just to kill some time. Every so often I do this just to see how other people use their blogs. But as I was wandering around I can across a post on Tony Pierce‘s blog called How to Blog. So, as I’m reading through his list … Continue reading

New Scientist is running an article about a new solar sail method that could push a craft to Mars in about one month. Currently this is just a theoretical concept since the craft would need a push from a 60-megawatt microwave beam, which we currently do not have the capability of creating. Still, it’s a … Continue reading

It’s been exactly one year since I started this blog. Not sure its a big deal, but I figured it didn’t hurt to take note of it.

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