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Last time I checked it was my understanding that the right to seize property from citizens via eminent domain required that the end result be for public use. For example, a new public highway, a new public park, etc… Well, it seems that the city of New London, CT has decided to use eminent domain … Continue reading

As the world shifts to an era of greater security, the people’s paranoia seems to be diving off into the deep end. In a masterful move of pure genious, a site-operator at British Telecom decided that a user, who was making a Tsunami releaf donation using the Lynx web browser, was a hacker. His reason: … Continue reading

Please do us a favor: next time you want to kill your self, just park the car in a parking lot, get out, and lay your head down on the tracks. Maybe we wouldn’t have 11 other dead that way.

You scored as Loner. Loner 69% Goth 50% Punk/Rebel 50% Drama nerd 38% Ghetto gangsta 38% Geek 31% Prep/Jock/Cheerleader 25% Stoner 19% What’s Your High School Stereotype?created with

I’m sitting here freezing my ass off, and I start thinking that maybe it’s time for a warmer climate. But where to go? Of course the usual choices to the south might do nicely, but as the universe is slowly getting colder it would only last for so long. So, what the hell, maybe it’s … Continue reading

Here’s a past look at M$’s Steve Ballmer selling Windows 1.0. It’s almost as good as the original Monkey Dance! And let’s not forget Developers, Developers, Developers…

This has to be absolutley devistating to the professor who worked on the Doppler wind experiment. He put 18 years of his life into it, and someone forgot to turn on the instrument that was to carry out the experiment. Sheesh! You can’t even get good customer service from the European Space Agency! Professor’s Saturn … Continue reading

Holy Jawa tank Batman! Is this for real?

So after months of waiting, we finally got our wedding photo order at the beginning of this month. Now, mind you, our wedding was in May. I took this photographer until now to get all the photos ordered and put into the book. And then to top it off he forgot to order 2 pictures … Continue reading

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