Monthly Archives: October 2004

A couple of days ago the Cassini probe flew within 745 miles of Saturn’s moon Titan. This is the closest any probe has ever been to that moon. The Voyager probes showed only a hazy disk, but the new Cassini pictures reveal much more. Some scientists thing Titan might even be gealogically active. I’m waiting … Continue reading

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Starting around 2pm today my blog began getting a gluttony of comment spam. My blog has managed to avoid this kind of attention for sometime, but today was the end of’s virginity. This blog has now officially grown up and entered the real blogsphere. The … Continue reading

Howard Stern takes on the chairman of the FCC: powell-stern-2004-10-261.mp3 Listen and make your own judgements.

According to George Bush, “A political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as commander in chief.” Kind of like jumping to conclusions regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction? So what your really saying, George, is that Kerry is at least as good a candidate as you? Hmmm, … Continue reading

Nice to see that a country that prides itself on ‘Free Speech’ doesn’t feel the need to set a good example for the rest of the world. For some unknown (and probably very stupid) reason the George Bush camp has decided to restrict access to it’s campaign web site. Only users within US borders are … Continue reading

Karlyn and I have been holding off on the good news for a while because we wanted to hear the baby’s heartbeat first and make sure everything was going ok. Today we heard the heartbeat and it was strong, so we are officially announcing that we are expecting. We are currently 12 weeks into the … Continue reading

There are some things that just set off that inner anger, and this is one of them. According to Steve Ballmer, Microshaft CEO, “The most common format of music on an iPod is ‘stolen’.” Excuse me sir? I own, yes that’s right own, over 1000 cds and I have been building my music collection for … Continue reading

It would appear that SpaceShipOne has won the Ansari X-Prize. This flight appeared to be almost perfect, though the pilot did mention that things were a bit shaky. Now I just have to start saving my $200,000 so I can catch a flight on Virgin Galactic! The unofficial alltitude marker at this time is 368,000 … Continue reading