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Biking the Genesee Valley Greenway

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Woke early this morning, somewhere around 6:30 am. Man that hurts when you’re on vacation. We had to get up this early because I needed to drive Karlyn to Batavia to meet her parents; they were going to the state fair. I opted out because I had been planning to bike as much as possible on this vacation.

After a small nap to recoup some of that lost sleep I headed out to find a starting point on the Genesee Valley Greenway. The Greenway is a multi-use trail (horses, bikes, hiking, etc…) that uses the old rail line/canal. The canal was opened in 1840, but went out of business by 1878. The land was then purchased by the Genesee Valley Canal Railroad Company. The Price: $100/mile. With the decline of the railroads this line was eventually put out of commision

After driving around a bit and scouting out different sections of the trail I chose a pull off where the trail and route 20 intersect. This turned out to be an ideal location to start from. I biked north along the trail bot sure what the landscape was going to be. The trail in this section is mostly flat, with only a few hills when the trail needed to rise to the road for a crossing. About 5 to 6 miles into the trail I can upon the intersection with the Lehigh Valley Trail. This trail is not usable at the moment, but they were in the process of building a new pedestrian bridge across the Genesee river using the old train trestle. Looks like it will be a good connecting trail once its completed. At about 8.3 miles I entered Canawaugus Park, and decided to start the return portion of my ride. There was still another 4.8 miles of trail north of the park, but I will check that out at a later date. I pushed my limits on the way back trying to keep a steady speed around 14 mph. I suceeded for about 85% of the ride. The total distance covered when I was done was 16.7 miles.

I enjoyed this ride tremendously and plan to do it again before the season ends. This trail is perfect for beginning mountain bikers and a relaxing ride for experienced bikers. I applaud NYS for it’s continued work on this trail, we need more of them.

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