Monthly Archives: August 2004

Today’s bike journey is through the 6.7 miles of the Genesee Valley Greenway that starts in Letchworth state park (Portageville entrance, east side of the gorge). The trail starts out pretty flat, but later has a few more twists and turns. At 2.2 miles I had to take a detour on Williams Road that returns … Continue reading

Yesterday’s ride was pretty tiring, so I decided to just sit and relax today. That means lots and lots of reading. By the end of the day I have managed to complete “Code and other laws of cyberspace“, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who works in, or is concerned about the future of … Continue reading

Woke early this morning, somewhere around 6:30 am. Man that hurts when you’re on vacation. We had to get up this early because I needed to drive Karlyn to Batavia to meet her parents; they were going to the state fair. I opted out because I had been planning to bike as much as possible … Continue reading

Karlyn and I started some vacation time today (actually she started on Monday). We’re just going to hang out at my parents seasonal trailer through the weekend. I’m hoping to get some good biking in, especially since we’ll be in Warsaw, close to Letchworth state park. We’re getting a bit of a late start (around … Continue reading

Transparent Aluminum becomes a reality: Glass breakthrough

Looks like we are getting closer to curing blindness everyday: Demo: Artificial Retina

I will never look at the Labatt’s Blue bear the same way again:

Always love to here a story like this one. Should I be concerned if I choose to read a role playing book the next time I ride on public transportation? And this is supposed to make me feel safer? Maybe tomorrow I should exercise my 2nd ammendment rights.

Ok, next time I complain about the price of a ticket to a Rush concert someone please smack me in the head to remind me why it’s worth it. Sunday nights concert is hands down, one of the best Rush shows I have ever been to. Not just because I was in the fourth row, … Continue reading