Monthly Archives: July 2004

A fan based site for the TV show Stargate SG1 has had charges filed against it with a little help from our friend the Patriot Act. Just when I thought we couldn’t get any lower with respect to how we treat Intellectual Property law in this country, along comes the Feds with the Patriot Act. … Continue reading

I came across another great article about the INDUCE Act that the Senate is trying to push through. The article is on and you will have to watch a paid ad to read it for free. The article is worth putting up with the ad. This piece of legislation will be one of the … Continue reading

Does this mean we will finally see some balance on DVD copyright issues in which the consumer actually gets ‘fair use’ like the law implies? Deal set on allowing limited DVD copying

With this being such a hot topic it seems unavoidable that I would put in my two cents. I’m sure many of you have head the news this morning that the proposed amendment to the constitution banning gay marriage was shot down by the Senate. This, imho, is good news. Why you ask? Well, here’s … Continue reading

I received my copy of the new Rush album yesterday from I wasn’t really sure what to think of this album since it was all cover tunes, the first time Rush has ever done so. It seems I may have been right to question the value of this album. For the most part the … Continue reading

My computer experience started with a Commodore Vic20, and later a Commodore 64. I got to play with some Apple IIe computers in programming class in high school, but back then BASIC programming was pretty much the same on both. My next computer wasn’t until some time later, well after I graduated from high school, … Continue reading

Peer to Peer networks have been pointed at as the cause of the Music industries woes for some time now. Now the Software industry is complaining about the same thing. The apparently took a $29 billion hit in 2003. While I would not be surprised to find this accurate, maybe the software industry should stop … Continue reading