Monthly Archives: June 2004

Really, I don’t know what people see in reality TV, I for one would much rather see a scripted show. When I watch TV I want to escape reality for a few moments. But hey, whatever floats your boat. Hell, lets show how swingers live: This ought to send the christian right through the … Continue reading

The offical wedding announcement has been published in the Akron Bugle.

My workplace, Algonquin Studios, is in the Buffalo News and Business First today with a big announcement. The company has inked a 10 year deal with Coldwell Banker Europe to be the exclusive supplier of IT services to support Coldwell’s offices in Europe. Here are the stories:

I have finally gotten all of the digital pictures from the wedding up. You can see them at Once we have ordered our pictures from the photographer I’ll scan some of those and put them up as well.