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So it seems that the great Janet Jackson anatomy lesson has kicked off a large round of censorship by the FCC. Thank’s Mr. FCC. Thanks, for “protecting” me from that very harmful piece of human anatomy called a boob; thanks for “protecting” me from those awful words on the Don and Mike show; thanks for … Continue reading

Well, I filed my claim for the big music CD settlement some time ago, and low and behold, today I received my portion of the settlement. Now I was expecting this to be some pitiful amount under a dollar because I assumed lots of people filed just so they could stick it to the record … Continue reading

Everyone seems to be talking about the new Quiznos subs commercial. For those who have not seen it before, check out the original performance: In the mean time, I can’t get “They got a pepper bar” out of my head.

Well, over the past weekend Karlyn and I managed to get quite a bit done for the wedding. For anyone who has never planned a wedding, let me tell ya, it’s a crap load of work! What got accomplished? We bought our wedding rings; we got our gift registries done; Karlyn and my mom got … Continue reading

I haven’t really had time to put any entries in my log for the past week. It has been crazy and stressful. Why? Well that’s a bit of a long story, but I’ll try to do a quick recap here. My fiance Karlyn’s bridesmaid (we are due to be married in May) started going through … Continue reading

How I love a good fight! This morning the NYS Thruway Authority is meeting at City Hall to discuss the possibility of adding more toll booths around the Buffalo, NY area; and the community has responded. All around the WNY area people are paying their tolls in pennies. And man are the toll booth operators … Continue reading

Ok, I just have to post this because it is too funny. Anyone who knows me knows that Rush is my favorite band of all time. Well, here’s a little winter advice from Geddy Lee Thanks for passing this one on to me Doug!

NASA has just announced their own version of the X-Prize: Centential Challenges. Seems they will earmark $20 million "for revolutionary, breakthrough accomplishments that advance exploration of the solar system and beyond and other NASA goals" in the fiscal 2005 budget. Seems NASA is finally starting to pay attention to some of Robert Zubrin’s arguments in … Continue reading

I came across the interview below while surfing on It’s a very interesting view of computers, operating systems and their use in Iraqi society. Well worth reading as I’m pretty sure most of us here in the states do not truely understand the current state of daily life in Iraq. Answers On LUGs, Life, … Continue reading

Drinks: pop $1.00, mixed drink: $5.00 Club Admission: $10.00 Capturing the moment with your former CEO and an underage girl: Priceless!

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